Stove Prairie Elementary School

The Little School at the End of the Rainbow




The Stove Prairie PTO helps to meet the increasing needs of our small mountain school. Contributions include: monthly potluck lunch, refreshments and activities for various annual parties, seasonal programs (including Fifth Grade Recognition), and the Stove Prairie Winter Festival.

The purpose of the PTO is to provide support to all students at Stove Prairie.

Since 1976, the PTO has organized the Stove Prairie Winter Festival, which is held the first Saturday of every December. This annual fund-raiser is the largest contribution the PTO makes to the school. The event includes the sale of local arts and crafts, food, and a hand-made quilt (in the form of a raffle). We offer a silent auction, country store, and even a visit from Santa Claus! Parents work together to prepare for and hold this event, so we encourage everyone to help however you can. Please sign up at Back to School Night or call the PTO President, and let her know how you can help this year.

The festival produces funds to support student field trips, classroom needs and to purchase items such as library books, media equipment, playground equipment, etc.

Each Mountain School has a SAC and needs parent volunteers to serve on this committee. It has been identified by the State Department of Education as an integral part of each school. The committee's make-up includes staff members, parents and community members. The SAC helps determine goals for staff and students. It reports on these goals annually to the state, district and our school/communities. SAC focuses primarily on issues that affect the academic achievement of students. Future goals must be aligned with Poudre School District and the Accreditation contract with the State Department of Education.

To learn more details, visit the PSD website: Under the Community button, choose Partnerships/Volunteers, see the highlighted banner at the bottom of the left side that serves as an arrow to point you in the direction with options from which to choose your path.

Volunteers are an integral part of the environment at Stove Prairie Elementary School. Volunteers assist small groups of students for a variety of activities. Volunteers can also help in the media center, office and with preparation of instructional materials. Please contact the VIPs coordinator or talk to your child’s classroom teacher if you are interested in volunteering. All volunteers must first register with PSD.