Stove Prairie Elementary School

The Little School at the End of the Rainbow

Staff Directory

The staff at Stove Prairie Elementary is comprised of outstanding educators dedicated to the emotional and academic growth of your student. We believe that open communication between the classroom teacher and parents is crucial. Therefore, we have listed both telephone and e-mail contact information to make communicating easy. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff if you have questions regarding our school.

Class Staff Member Website Email Phone Number
Preschool Amanda Thelig 488-6585
Kindergarten and First Grade Rheo Zawadzki 488-6582
Second and Third Grade Haley Walker 488-6583
Fourth and Fifth Grade David Maynard 488-6588
Art Nancy West 488-6575
Music Stephanie Lane 488-6575
Physical Education Cory Slack 488-6575
Integrated Services Teacher Olivia Spanos 488-6572
Counselor Sarah Kress 488-6575
Media-Tech Lisa Westrope Media/Tech 488-6575
Instructional Para/Interventionist Sue Meyer 488-6575
Mountain School Principal Tom Schachet 488-6553
Office Assistant/Health Tech Lisa Westrope 488-6575